how did

​tbmc start?


The Talmudo Biyado Mishnayos Club was adapted by Rabbi Shmuel Abramowitz, based on the Shas Chabura Program created by Rabbi Sender Dolgin...

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Tel 732.278.5842  Rabbi Shmuel Abramowitz   1024 Netherwood Dr. LAKEWOOD NJ 08701

minutes a night

giving every

boy a chance

to succeed


Mishnayos Contests to finish Mesechtos and Sedarim in Shas

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Give yourself the gift of fulfillment in your learning. It may be the best decision you ever made. 

loving to learn


After-school Mishnayos program for boys ages 9-13. A proven systematic method of learning retention along with incentives.

nosh, trips

& fun events


Nosh and prizes after every shiur and chulent parties on Thursdays. Periodical camp style events, chessed events and trips after every Siyum Mesechta

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a lifetime of

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