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The Program

TBMC is a systematic method of learning and retention; going forward in learning while simultaneously going back to review the material. This program is guaranteed to give students the tools to raise the bar in their learning and memory skills and reach unprecedented mastery of mishnayos. Consisting of an after school learning program, fifth, sixth and seventh graders attend a twenty minute shiur and are inspired to continue learning on their own time to reach their goals. Each participant receives a calendar booklet with a designated task of today's learning with intervals of review of the learning from the past day, the past week, the past month, three months ago, and the past year.

To enhance the unique TBMC ruach, each member receives their own jersey. At TBMC, children across the spectrum of the frum community and on different academic levels, learn side by side. The special atmosphere of achdus generated by the common goal of Limud HaTorah, together with the prizes, trophies, trips, and special activities built into the program, create lifelong skills and a strong connection to learning.  It's Mishnayos camp all year long!

Personalized jerseys with each boy's own name and number!

"Each day in learning is a great day and a motivating day!"