Tizku l’mitzvos, and may you see much nachas from your Talmidim.

How To Start TBMC In Your Neighborhood

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1.  A TBMC Club will need a shul or Bais Midrash that can make itself available on weekday evenings and that can be safely accessed by the boys of the community.

2.  A TBMC Club will need a Rebbi committed to develop a warm relationship with each boy through the nightly learning, incentives, trips etc.

3.  A TBMC Club can be started with a minimum of 10 boys, ages 9-13 years, and can have up to a maximum of 50. The club can be started with a smaller group, and, as often happens, one boy tells his friend, and the group grows very quickly.

4.  TBMC will sponsor your club and help establish it . Our goal at TBMC is to help boys realize their dream of ownership of mishnayos through continually completing masechtos, while developing a Geshmak for learning.  A very important part of the TBMC success is the feeling of achdus, camaraderie, and pride in being a member of the TBMC.