Tizku l’mitzvos, and may you see much nachas from your Talmidim.

1.  A TBMC Club can be started with a minimum of 20 boys, ages 9-13 years, and can have up to a maximum of 50. The club can be started with a smaller group, and, as often happens, one boy tells his friend, and the group grows to 20 boys very quickly.

2.  The Rebbe should be committed to develop a warm relationship with each boy through the nightly learning, incentives, trips etc. Our goal at TBMC is to help boys realize their dream of finishing Sedorim of Shas Mishnayos in time for their Bar Mitzva, while developing a Geshmak for learning.  A very important part of the TBMC success is the feeling of achdus, camaraderie, and pride in being a member of the TBMC.

3.  The estimated monthly expenses are $1500 per month, of which $500 goes toward payment for the Rebbe, $500 is for the incentives and $500 is for Administrative and Development costs. 

4.  TBMC will sponsor the first month’s expenses to help establish the new club and allow the boys to experience success.  Afterwards, a letter will be sent to each family asking for $75 per month to cover expenses.  (If the family can’t afford the expense, TBMC will cover the expense so that no boy should be left out.).  The letter will request the parents’ credit card number to have the $75 automatically charged.  This will be one of the responsibilities of the Rebbe.  If at any time, a parent wishes to stop, the automatic payment will be deleted.  If the Rebbe feels qualified to take on this responsibility or has any question, he should call Rabbi Abramowitz at (732) 987-7762 or email for an interview. The Rebbe should keep the receipts of his expenses and submit them to TBMC for reimbursement.

5.  Every 2 months, the Rebbe will be required to send a Progress Report to Rabbi Abramowitz detailing the status of the TBMC club, i.e. what has been learned and the number of boys in the group, as well as any suggestions to make the program more successful.

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How To Start TBMC In Your Neighborhood